So it has been over 2 months since I broke my leg. I was in a fiberglass cast for four weeks and the boot for a little over two. I am back into my normal shoes but my legs are super WEAK!

When I got the hard cast off my leg was half the size of the other. Pretty gross. It quickly built back up but it is super tight and painful. I am in physical therapy twice a week now for 6-8 weeks. I have been three times now and am really thankful I have it. We are working on strengthing my muscles, balance, and increasing flexibility in my ankle.

It is a little depressing to know that I lost the fall season, my favorite to bike in. I have been on my bike a few times in the past week or so. It is very difficult. When I am on my bike its fine I can peddle with out much issue. Until it comes to a hill where I don’t have the momentum already behind me. Felt a bit defeated when I had to jump off my bike becuase I couldn’t make it over the mass pike footbridge in brighton. My leg just couldn’t do it. My balance is off and sometimes when I put my left foot down when I stop I get a little twinge. Definately a little more wary stopping and starting than I was before. I am out of shape too. Not being able to move around really did a number on my ability to maintain a steady pace. I get tired quickly.

The goal is that tomorrow I will go back into the gym and start doing more cardio. I still cannot over use my leg because I don’t want to do more damage. I have been warned by my PT girl to stop activity if I start to hurt. “Elevate and Ice.” BAH! I just want to be able to fly around like I use to.

We are heading to San Francisco for new years. We will be there for their Critical Mass. My hope is to get to a place where I can participate. We were going to pack our bikes (yay for Southwest airlines for allowing 2 free bags under 50lbs) but I think we have vetoed that idea. I think the next plan is to rent them when we are down there and as much as I do not want to ride a geared bike it might be for the best. Oh… and because we are snobby like that we are not renting lame ass bikes to “bike the bridge.” Fuck that. I want to ride like I normally do here. All over the city, from bar to bar.

Hopefully I can make this short term goal. Some bigger goals are sure to come but I gotta start someplace.


I fractured my tibia last weekend. Sort of puts a damper on all things walking, riding, driving (beacuse its my left foot and I drive a stick) UGH!

So NOT happy about this one.

Critical Mass

Kinda looking forward to it all day. Hopefully the cops in Cambridge will behave themselves this time.